Auditory Aesthetic – Slow Pulp

Posted on January 18, 2018 at 9:17AM


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Artist – Slow Pulp
Track – Preoccupied
Discovered On – YouTube Channel: Fancy Melancholic

I’ve been into Indie music for quite a while now.  I’d have to say that two bands that really introduced me to the genre were Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Mouse.  I love the atmospheric, calm vibe, the sometimes distorted beats competing with the actual lyrics, I love all of that.  I often describe the sound as lyrics being sung inside a cloud.

A couple of years ago I ran across a YouTube channel called Fancy Melancholic and man I must say this is a great channel for anyone into “obscure” Indie music, some of the bands aren’t very popular at all, but they’re sooo good!  They also regularly do playlists where you’re bombarded with just absolutely great songs for 40+ minutes straight.  One of the most recent playlist introduced me to this calmingly vibetastic song.

Slow Pulp is the artist (I’ll have to talk about how great band names are in another blog).  The track is called Preoccupied.  The song is essentially about an individual who’s hopelessly longing to find love, or rather, for love to find them because they admittedly don’t want to try on their end (really, dude?).  The lead singer wistfully and sweetly sings about happening upon a person who instantly captures her attention, hence, she’s so preoccupied with them.

Nothing ever seems to change
I’m so alone
Waiting for someone to come, to come along
Then I saw you from the sea
I can hardly believe my eyes
I just want to be in love, but I don’t want to try
I’m preoccupied with you
Fantasize about the day that you’ll know
You are all the mystery, don’t know to solve
When I want to be in love
Would you please believe my lies
I just want to be in love, but I dont want to try
I’m preoccupied with you

Slow Pulp members – hen and al and ted and em

Slow Pulp’s Facebook page says that their genre is dream punk, I’d classify that as a sub-genre of Indie, along with shoe gazing and whatever MGMT considers themselves.  The band members are “hen and al and ted and em”.  “Slow Pulp is a four piece dream-punk band oscillating between dream-like states and a frantic sense of urgency.”