Fisticuffs: Yamcha VS Steve Rogers

Posted on January 31, 2018 at 10:42AM


Shinobi Hipster



In the red corner we have Steve Rogers, known to most as CAPTAIN ‘MURCA!  In the blue corner we have arguably one of the strongest humans to ever grace the globe.  I know Yamcha is viewed as the butt of many jokes as being a weakling or why bother to even fight alongside your fellow Z brethren, but, to be fair, Krillin and Tien can’t compete with the likes of alien tyrants, genetically manipulated warriors, robot fighters and pink magical genie-like entities as well.

Steve Rogers, with the help of the Super Soldier Serum, had his physical abilities overclocked to the pinnacle of what a mere human could do.  His “peak human” status gave him access to enhanced strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, durability and healing “at the zenith of natural human potential.”

A few of his notable abilities are:
• Enhanced physical attributes
• Skilled in armed and unarmed combat
• Expert tactician, strategist, and field commander
• Wields vibranium-steel alloy shield

I’m not about to go and look up all his feats, BUT I will go over a few off the top of my head.  In Winter Soldier (I know it’s a MCU feat, but I’m sure it’s comparable to his comic book feats) he jumps from a good 30-40 story building and lands on his arm/shield and immediately gets up and runs off, granted he felt it pretty good.  His agility is so enhanced that he’s able to dodge bullets at point-blank range relatively effortlessly, compare that to Raditz snatching the bullet shot from that farmer’s gun, in the beginning of DBZ, at essentially point-blank range.  “Peak human” strength typically state that those described with having that degree of strength have the strength of 10 men.  Steve Rogers (again I’m using a MCU example) kept a helicopter from taking off with his biceps and grip strength alone.  His healing ability along with his durability is well tested as well considering that he’s able to take small arms fire bullets and keep fighting or getting into boxing matches with a man with a metal arm or a man in a metal suit or hell a man with a metal skeleton without being knocked tf out.

Steve is also considered one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel Universe, that’s saying something when you have the likes of Wolverine, Elektra, Task Master, Black Panther and Iron Fist in said universe.

I’m not going to go into a ton of detail for Yamcha, but he was trained under Master Roshi and a member of the Turtle School, the same school that Goku and Krillin trained under.  Yamcha can fly, has the ability to perform basic “ki” blasts and the ability to perform the kamehameha wave/blast.  Along with those techniques his signature technique is the Wolf Fang Fist – “Yamcha’s trademark attack. It is a very fast series of powerful punches, swipes, and kicks. Before the attack, a wolf’s howl can be heard, along with an aura around Yamcha.”

Captain America isn’t the only weapon specialist, along with being an adept martial artist, Yamcha is known to wield a sword, nunchakus and even bazookas.

For this battle there are 2 conditions/scenarios:
1. Captain America without his shield, just straight up fisticuffs
2. This is Yamcha during the very beginning of the DBZ saga, not after he trained and leveled up getting ready for Nappa and Vegeta.  Keep in mind that even in the very beginning of DBZ, Piccolo had the ability to effortlessly blow up the moon and Goku regularly knocked large trees down, for fire wood, with a single punch.  I don’t believe Yamcha showed those feats, but before Goku died…the first time and went to train with King Kai I don’t believe he and Piccolo were too far apart from Tien, Krillin and Yamcha.