Soul Calibur 6 – Character Roster Reveal 01

Posted on January 25, 2018 at 9:40AM


Shinobi Hipster


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Dude!  So the first thing I see this morning is a link from Mississippi Fighting Game Union revealing one dope ass brand new character along with 3 returning characters!

Bruh, do you see how dope the new character is!?  His name is Groh and he looks very cool.  This is what I’d like to see with the new characters in Soul Calibur 6, cool character designs with equally as cool and unique weapons and abilities/moves.  At first glance he looks much more modern, his overall appearance doesn’t really fit the Feudal-esque time period of the Soul Calibur world, not a complaint, just an observation.

My initial thought is that he’s a time traveler, perhaps?  Maybe tasked with going back in time to destroy Soul Edge to alter the effects that the evil blade has on his future timeline?  I’m on some Future Trunks shit, I know lol, but the premise isn’t only attached to Dragon Ball Z, just ask John and Sarah Connors or even Cable, with his Legacy Virus face ass.

His appearance is a bit Final Fantasy meets Chaos Legion and I LOVED Chaos Legion!  His default appearance shows him with an eye patch over his  left eye, an armored left arm, blue-greyish hair and a black outfit.  A second appearance removes the left eye patch revealing 3 glowing pink scars over that eye (Old Man Logan got to dat ass) along with the armor on his left arm removed also revealing glowing pink scars on that arm as well with silver-ish hair with hot pink tips…um…yeah haha.

The moves displayed in this particular video is giving me a mixture of Noctis (the bit that we saw from his trailer reveal for Tekken 7 anyway) and Kilik, seeing as how his weapon is two blades connected like a double sided spear, BUT he can take it apart and use them as twin sabers, on some Cervantes shit!  I believe Cervantes used twin blades, my memory is foggy. I was SUPER into Soul Calibur 4, played that game for a few years until Tekken 6 game along. I gave Soul Calibur 5 away after a few weeks of playing…

The character roster now stands at 6:
*Devil Kilik

Oh and HOLY SHIT what about that Satsui no Hado/Necalli V Trigger Kilik reveal at the end!?!?  There’s going to be some sort of “Nightmare” version of Kilik!